Levenzon Advogados is focused on providing legal services to companies in their most complex cases. Our clients’ business and purpose are thoroughly examined in order to provide focused and high-quality service. More than just clients, the companies we serve become real partners.

In order to provide even more complete service, Levenzon Advogados does business in partnership with several firms.  


Levenzon Advogados Associados is currently focused on Business Law and its most complex cases. Its service encompasses civil law, tax law, employment law, corporate law, administrative law, family and inheritance law, agreements, competition, public bids, real estate, sports, civil liability, collections, damages and insurance. These are all connected, allowing for a broader, multipurpose service.
In order to provide our clients with efficiency and expeditiousness, our work is structured on personalized service, modern technology tools and strategic partnerships.

By means of solid and carefully established partnerships, Levenzon Advogados Associados has expanded its limits and gone beyond frontiers. In collaboration with several law firms – all of them with the same tradition and quality - our firm offers in all Brazilian regions and abroad:

• service to legal departments;
• service to firms in other cities or states;
• complete counseling during the entire procedure or isolated acts;
• service to firms in other countries;
• joint action with firms in Porto Alegre in certain specialized fields.


Rua Espírito Santo, 356 - 4º andar - CEP 90010-370 - Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil
+55 51 3221 5511 | +55 51 3221 7037 | contato@levenzon.adv.br