In 1946, Brazil adopted its fifth Constitution, thereby returning to democracy after nearly two decades of an authoritarian system. It was in this year and within this context that Samuel Levenzon, a descendant of immigrants from Northern Europe, graduated from the respected Law School of Pelotas, RS. It was the beginning of a story that would be written with dignity, ethics and family unity.

Initially practicing in criminal law, the founder of Levenzon Advogados Associados went on to become a famous and renowned name in Porto Alegre. And it was exactly this long history of transparency and devotion to legal causes that inspired his son, Luiz Carlos Levenzon, to follow in his father’s footsteps. In 1970, when the country was haunted by dictatorship, the second generation in the family graduated in Law, this time from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).
Through the work of Luiz Carlos, the firm entered a new phase, expanding its areas of litigation, enlarging its facilities and updating its internal procedures. In 1982, when Samuel Levenzon passed away, the firm was already well-established, and his son continued honoring the ideals he inherited from his father.

In 1999, in a larger and better-equipped office, the Levenzon heirs again showed their strength. Mariana Levenzon, daughter of Luiz Carlos and Samuel’s granddaughter, received her registration in the Bar Association. With Mariana – and lawyer Gustavo Koch Pinheiro, who joined the firm that same year - Levenzon Advogados Associados adopted a corporate structure, in tune with the new times.

Having been in business for over 60 years and following the country's struggle for equality and progress, Levenzon Advogados Associados shows that, when experience and innovation co-exist in harmony, they establish the foundation for a great history.


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